Start-up consultation – for any person starting its activity in the business or the entertainment industry, an initial consultation and roadmap with steps to take in order to make that wonderful and unique start-up possible.

Situational consultation – for any person who has a potential conflictual situation, consisting in the breach of an intellectual property right or an estimation of the position in an eventual litigation or a simple professional assessment of a practical situation.

Advisory and litigation

Flat fee consultation and litigation – we may estimate the volume of our services and provide you with a fixed cost.

Hourly fees – sometimes, due to the nature of the requested work or the desired outcome, it is impossible to estimate the volume of work and therefore we will provide you with an hourly fee.

Monthly subscription – our clients with an estimated monthly volume of work may benefit from a discount if they decide to acquire a monthly subscription for our legal services.

Success fee – we may establish a structure where a compensation is paid for our services for successfully closing a transaction or obtaining the desired outcome in conflicts or disputes.