Business law is sometimes referred to as commercial law and deals with the legislation governing the relation between individuals and commercial matters. There are various areas of business law ranging from corporate law that deals with the setting up of legal entities and regulatory aspects specific for commercial entities to bankruptcy and the legal framework governing commercial transactions through the laws of commercial contracts. The mission of a business lawyer is to prevent the occurrence of difficulties or disputes that may affect the business. Business lawyers focus, in general, on transactional aspects and this may include the aspects listed below:

  • Business incorporation and formation;
  • Employment and immigration;
  • Contract drafting and negotiation;
  • Competition and anti-trust;
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization;
  • Tax and tax law;
  • Intellectual property.


Intellectual property law deals with people’s ideas and things that people create and regulates the regime of both scientific and creative works. Protected by a series of legal provisions, authors and inventors may claim exclusive rights over their works and obtain the benefits deriving from such rights through an adequate enforcement thereof. The field of intellectual property also has to do with the international public and private law. In actual practice, it often happens that the protection of these rights and the cases of infringement thereof presuppose cross-border legal actions or measures. In the last decade, due to the fact that it entered the internet and digital age, the field of intellectual property has been very dynamic and the rules governing the protection of intellectual property rights as well as the number of instances of breach of such rights has increased and taken new forms. Our lawyers have been closely monitoring these changes and have the necessary skills to guide you through the conundrum of legal issues you may encounter in all the fields listed below:

  • Copyright;
  • Trademarks;
  • Design and models;
  • Trade dress;
  • Geographical indications;
  • Patents;
  • Unfair competition, know-how and trade secrets.


There is no specific legislation to refer to when it comes to entertainment law. Lawyers practicing in this field derive their experience from a a range of areas of law including contract, commercial, labor, tax, immigration, copyright, industrial property law. The activity of a lawyer specialized in the entertainment industry has a predominant transactional side and contracts are drafted, negotiated and implemented with great care and knowledge of the specific details. Our lawyers know all the field- specific aspects of the entertainment business, thanks to their experience accumulated in over 15 years of activity, by representing authors, performers or producers in connection with:

  • Music;
  • Film, video production, editing;
  • Television;
  • Advertising and commercials;
  • Theatre;
  • Books, printmaking and publishing;
  • Screenwriting and playwrights;
  • Photography;
  • Painting and sculpture;
  • Architecture and design;
  • Fashion.